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Neighbours - Episode 3305

Transmisson dates
Network Ten: 14/05/1999
BBC: 28/07/1999
UK Gold: 11/01/2005

Written by John Hanlon
Directed by Gary Conway

Karl and Susan hit the streets on a tandem bike. Karl's trousers get caught in the bike chain and they head to the pub for help. They can't get his pants free, so Karl takes them off and is promptly caught by Peter and Sarah in his underwear. Madge finally tells Lou of her fears. Lolly is relying on her too much and Lou reacts badly, thinking Madge is trying to tell him he's a bad parent. Peter and Sarah have a great night and don't arrive home until the early hours of the morning. Peter doesn't arrive to take Sarah to dinner as planned - has her potential new love stood her up?

Guest stars
Peter Hannay: Nick Carrafa

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