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Neighbours - Episode 3671

Block/Week: 735

Transmisson dates
Network Ten: 27/11/2000
BBC: 26/01/2001
UK Gold: 23/09/2005

Written by Ben Marshall
Directed by Tony Osicka

Joe helps a passenger through an emergency birth. Flick and Joel wonder where to go next after a moment of passion.

Guest stars
Darcy Tyler: Mark Raffety
Tina Nguyen: Kim Nguyen
Baby Nguyen: Joshua Ten
Special Guest Appearance by: "HUMAN NATURE"
Toby Allen, Phil Burton,
Andrew Tierney & Michael Tierney

Scene from episode 3671

Note: This episode was originally scheduled as the 2001 Series Return.
Available on the Neighbours: The Iconic Episodes Volume 2 DVD collection.

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