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A Guide to Neighbours Memorabilia - VHS Videos

The Neighbours Wedding CollectionThe Neighbours Wedding Collection

BBC Enterprises Ltd 1989 - BBCV 4284
(Running time 64mins approx)

The cover describes the video as:-

The memorable video all fans will want to keep
If Ramsay Street romance gives you goosebumps and you want to relive the fairy tale flutters of three glittering Neighbours weddings, this is your chance to drop in on Erinsborough and raise your glasses to your favourite brides and grooms.
With Daphne being delivered at the doors of wedlock in a horse-drawn carriage while and anxious Des holds his breath at the alter, and with Harold's proud and passionate defence of his breathtaking bride in the face of Mrs Mangle's last minute criticism, this specially compiled video is something for all fans to treasure. Best of all, though, is the tear-jerking highlight of them all - Scott and Charlene, the youngest Neighbours in Erinsborough, make their solemn vows to Angry Anderson's soul-lifting 'Suddenly' while you sit back and let your heart-beat falter.
So, whether you're old wedding guests or new, gather together in the presence of your favourite Neighbours and revel in the very best of Ramsay Street razzmatazz!

The tape contains three full episodes: The wedding of Daphne Lawrence and Des Clarke (episode 295), The wedding of Madge Mitchell and Harold Bishop (episode 724) and The wedding of Charlene Mitchell and Scott Robinson (episode 523). These are the versions of the episodes broadcast by the BBC, but do not include the opening titles or end credits. Instead there are 'home-made' credits listing the combined cast of the three episodes.

Neighbours - the Scott & Charlene Love StoryNeighbours - the Scott & Charlene Love Story

Virgin Vision Limited 1989 - VVD 621
(Approximate running time 92 mins)

The place is Erinsborough. Scott Robinson stumbles on a mystery intruder attempting to break into the Mitchells' house on Ramsey Street, The 'intruder' is Charlene Mitchell, the daughter of the house...
And so began the love affair that gripped a nation. Now, on one complete programme, you can enjoy again the love story of Neighbours' favourite youngsters. From the first flickerings of romance to their first kiss, from the months of heartache as the older generation has its say up to the wedding that sealed their love, The Scott & Charlene Love Story is especially for Neighbours fans everywhere.

This tape is a complation of scenes showing key moments in the lives of Scott and Charlene in episodes 234 to 522. It ends on the night before their wedding, but doesn't actually show the wedding itself. The credits list the main players seen in the clips.

Neighbours - How It All BeganNeighbours - How It All Began

Virgin Vision Limited 1990 - VVD 722
(Approximate running time 81 minutes)

Love 'em or hate 'em - but everyone's got 'em; 'Neighbours'
Now's your chance to see the very beginning of this much-loved series and meet the characters, now so familiar, as they first appeared, in an hour and twenty minutes of compulsive viewing.
Max Ramsay is determined for his elder son, Shane, to be the Olympic success he never was. In the meantime, he shows nothing but hostility towards his younger son Danny, who is plagued by a recurring nightmare in which Shane is injured while diving.
Scott Robinson starts to date Kim Taylor, unfortunately Kim's over protective mother is not aware of this.
Des Clarke's stag party turns somewhat raucous, much to the disapproval of some of Ramsey Street's other residents, particularly at 2a.m.! But a shock is in store for Des; on the day of the wedding, his financé Lorraine, calls the whole thing off. Being left with a house to pay for on his own leaves Des with more than his fair share of financial problems, so Daphne, the stripper from his stag night, moves in as Des' lodger. This, however, can only cause more problems with Lorraine, not to mention the neighbours...

This tape is a compliation of the first four episodes, including some footage cut from the BBC and UK Gold broadcasts. The original opening sequence from episode one is included, but the end credits have been retyped (with typos!) over a background shot of No. 24 from the 1986-92 credits.

Neighbours - A 10th Anniversary CelebrationNeighbours - A 10th Anniversary Celebration

Game Entertainment Ltd 1996 - G1011
(Running time approx 90 minutes)

This 10th anniversary video spotlights both the memorable characters and events from the enduring Ramsay Street series.
Original and current stars of Neighbours, including Kimberley Davies, Melissa Bell and Scott Michaelson, tell their part of the ten year story, supported by scenes of romance, marriages, births and untimely deaths that have been watched by an enthralled audience over the past ten years.
We remember the tragivc death of Kerry, wife of Joe Mangel, shot by a hunters bullet. Daphne, falling beneath the wheels of a moving bus. Harolds disappearance in 1991 and Todd being hit by a car leaving Phoebe alone with their unborn child.
In happier times, we recall the romances and weddings - Scott and Charlene, Brad and Beth, Harold and Madge and Paul and Christine.
The characters, the scenes, the major events - all that is Ramsay Street is contained on this 90 minute 10th anniversary special.

A comprehensive documentary produced by Margaret Slarke and directed by David Morgan. Introduced by Anne Haddy it contains interviews with some of the present cast and crew, and also a number of former cast reminisce and reveal what they have been doing since leaving the show. There are also a large selection of classic clips, and interviews with other people who's lives have been affected by the show.

The full documentary has never been shown in the UK, but an edited version (approx 50 mins) was broadcast to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Neighbours starting in Britain.

The same video has also been released with a different cover.

Neighbours: Defining MomentsNeighbours: Defining Moments

Rajon Vision 2002 - RVID0001
(Duration: Approx 365mins)

Also released on DVD as RV0001 (Australia)/FHED1736 (UK).

This double VHS set released in Australia only contains fifteen complete episodes featuring the most memorable births, deaths and weddings in the show's history. The contents are as follows:-

A photo gallery containing relevant publicity shots is included as a bonus feature. The episodes are in their original format as broadcast in Australia, including break bumpers and full credits with sponsors. However on the DVD version the two episodes for Libby's baby have been merged together and the credits for 3920 and the opening titles for 3921 aren't included. The final four episodes are in letterbox format.